Serate invernali in montagna, tutti i trend del 2021 per non sbagliare look

Winter evenings in the mountains, all the trends of 2021 to avoid getting a wrong look

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From turtlenecks worn with jackets, to lively Alpaca wool sweaters, from warm technical jackets to bold bomber jackets. Men's winter fashion for 2021 shows off all its greatest classics, revisiting them with style. Evenings in the mountains with friends deserve a well-groomed outfit. Let's discover the main trends of the season, so as not to be caught unprepared.

A lit fireplace, good red wine in elegant glasses, a silent, snowy landscape outside the window. The perfect setting for a winter evening with friends. An informal occasion, to be celebrated with an equally relaxed but no less trendy look. On the other hand, style knows no season and even winter fashion offers garments suitable for designing one's personality. The trends of the 2021 season enhance classic garments , which cannot be missing from the men's wardrobe. But they all gain new life thanks to a revisitation that makes them extremely contemporary.

Enhance your look with the right sweater

This is the case of sweaters , irreplaceable cornerstones of winter looks. To do their job they need to be warm, of course. But who said they couldn't also be a style element to have fun with? The important thing is to know what you want.

For a look that winks at refinement, the best ally is undoubtedly the turtleneck . Thin, close-fitting, with a high collar, it can be worn under a jacket, creating an extremely refined and fascinating outfit. More playful and eclectic, however, is the personality of the alpaca sweaters , crossed by geometric textures with a vintage flavour. For some years, garments woven in this particular wool have been establishing themselves as winter must-haves . Much warmer than classic wool sweaters, they are also extremely soft and comfortable .

Bomber jackets and jackets in technical fabric, evergreen classics revisited with style

If instead of staying at home, you want to walk in the city or immersed in nature, jackets and sweaters are not enough, you have to use jackets. And here the street style with a sporty flavor reigns supreme. Much loved by snow and mountain sports enthusiasts, jackets in technical fabric have for several years now ceased to be considered garments for "professionals" and have become, to all intents and purposes, fashionable garments. In 2021, the most sought after are the dry ones, with a skinny profile, which do not bloat and do not make you awkward. The alternative? A bold bomber jacket , perhaps in a light colour. The reference to the 90s is evident, but without any nostalgia effect. The 2021 bomber jackets, in fact, are made of eye-catching ultra-modern materials, with detailed and high-quality finishes. Because nothing should be left to chance.