Moda e sostenibilità: chi rispetta ambiente e diritti ha stile da vendere

Fashion and sustainability: those who respect the environment and rights have style to spare

The world of fashion is called to do its part in terms of environmental sustainability. Reuse and recycling are the new frontiers of style. That's how.

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Mild winters and scorching summers, increasingly disastrous climatic events, waters full of fumes and seas suffocated by plastic. These are just some of the most evident symptoms of the profound malaise that is affecting the earth , victim of the harmful effects of lifestyles oriented towards waste and the indiscriminate consumption of resources . There is less and less time to react. Heads of State around the world have also understood this, putting environmental issues at the top of their agendas. All economic and productive sectors are called to do their part, to be able to reverse the trend and give breathing space and a future to the planet. Climate change and the damage caused by pollution are now an integral part of the political and economic agenda of the main world powers. In fact, to save the planet, a rapid and radical change of course is needed. The fashion world has understood this and is ready to do its part, also thanks to a growing attention from customers towards more conscious consumption styles. For some time now, Saveone has included numerous garments made with recycled materials in its collections. Just as all the paper used for packaging and labeling is recycled.

The future belongs to sustainable fashion, between reuse and recycling

In this emergency context, fashion is ready to roll up its sleeves and make its contribution. Indeed, from certain points of view the fashion sector has been ahead of its time and has already successfully experimented with the ways of reuse and recycling for a few years.

Even the big international brands are becoming more sensitive towards environmental issues, opening up to new experiments in the use of fabrics and raw materials, without obviously giving up elegance and style . On the other hand, scientific research and technological evolution allow us to achieve things that were unthinkable only a few years ago. For example, no one is surprised anymore to know that textile fibers can also be obtained from food waste. Sustainable fashion is therefore possible, indeed desirable. And it is first and foremost a slow fashion , slow and to be savoured, where quality matters more than quantity, the antithesis of fast fashion.

Saveone's commitment to the environment

Eco-sustainable fashion is a direction proudly undertaken also by Saveone , following two paths. The first directly concerns the garments that make up the different collections. In fact, more and more often, garments produced using recycled raw materials appear in the online shop, which allow us to reduce the environmental impact. The second path, however, has to do with the labeling of clothes and packaging . All these elements, in the case of Saveone, are made using recycled paper . Concrete gestures that help outline a path. Aesthetics and style lose nothing. Collective well-being, on the other hand, gains a lot.