Moda mare 2021, Saveone celebra il fascino della Costiera Amalfitana

Beachwear 2021, Saveone celebrates the charm of the Amalfi Coast

Colors and shades of the Amalfi Coast are reflected in Saveone's 2021 beachwear collection. Original costumes reminiscent of the famous majolica produced in the jewel villages of Campania. Comfortable linen shirts and trousers that have the freshness of cheerful evenings on the beach. Comfortable espadrilles that bring to mind fascinating walks, overlooking surprising views.

The name, Amalfi Coast , is enough to evoke all the facets of an Italian jewel loved throughout the world. Made in Italy charm, we could define it, made of pastel colours, cliffs overlooking the crystalline sea, small fishing villages, precious local craftsmanship. Saveone's beachwear collection for 2021 is inspired by this elegant and relaxing setting. Garments designed to bring to mind warm and carefree summer evenings spent on the beach or walking through picturesque streets. From swimsuits to shoes , from shirts to trousers , everything echoes the moods and flavors of that inimitable portion of the Italian coast.

The majolica of the Coast on the costumes of summer 2021

The must haves of the Saveone collection for summer 2021 are the costumes , decorated with patterns inspired by one of the symbols of the Amalfi Coast: majolica . The famous ceramic creations represent a true cult object. Daughters of a centuries-old tradition that is still renewed today, they have consecrated the taste for colorful and refined geometric weaves throughout the world. The same creative flashes that can now be worn, to be accompanied on invigorating swims offshore or while sunbathing by the sea. Class and personality , as in the best made in Italy tradition.

Linen dresses and espadrilles, the lightness of a holiday by the sea

Linen is the summer fabric par excellence. Fresh, light, delicate on the skin. It almost feels like you're not wearing it, like you're moving freely between the wind and the sun. This is why Saveone has decided to make it the cornerstone of its 2021 beachwear . In the online shop, a large collection of linen shirts and trousers is available, with different cuts and different colours. To build your own outfit , therefore, you are spoiled for choice. And for those wondering which footwear to match, there is only one perfect answer: espadrilles , another emblem with a summer flavour. Convenient and comfortable , they go perfectly with a soft and carefree look , ideal for the holidays of those who want to disconnect from everyday life and think only of relaxing and having fun.