Solidarietà della moda al popolo ucraino

Fashion solidarity with the Ukrainian people

The world of fashion rallies behind the Ukrainian people, bombed by Russia. Certificates of closeness and solidarity initiatives are multiplying.

Indignation and solidarity, even the fashion world takes sides against the bombs in Ukraine

The Russian bombings in Ukraine began coinciding with two important fashion weeks, that of Milan and that of Paris. Fashion houses have made their voices heard against the conflict, in support of the population under attack. Numerous solidarity initiatives, from Armani to Balenciaga, from Valentino to Gucci.

Show must go on , sang Freddy Mercury. The need to carry on with the show, however, cannot mean looking the other way, especially when a sudden and atrocious war demands attention. On February 24, when Russia decided to start bombing Ukraine , fashion week was in full swing in Milan, an international event dedicated to the presentation of new collections by the main brands. Despite the anguish over the news coming from Eastern Europe, it was decided to continue with the scheduled fashion shows and events . On the other hand, as Ralph Toledano explained at the opening of the Parisian event, “the show can continue with solemnity and sobriety, and can be food for thought in these dark times; The ability to express oneself creatively is based on the principle of freedom , and the role of fashion is to contribute to individual and collective emancipation in our societies”.

From Armani to Balenciaga, fashion embraces Ukraine

Stylists and professionals, however, did not hesitate to make their voices heard against the conflict and in support of the Ukrainian population . The first big name to send a clear message was Giorgio Armani , who decided to have his models parade in absolute silence . No music, no sounds, just the clicking of shoes on the catwalk. A silent scenography, a sign of pain and respect . The position expressed by Balenciaga via social media is also clear and clear. In fact, a few hours after the explosion of the conflict, the Instagram account of the famous fashion house was emptied of all the old photos and a single post appeared on the feed, with the colors of the Ukrainian flag . Additionally, news about the conflict is regularly released in stories.

Solidarity for refugees and refugees is multiplying

Beyond symbolic gestures, solidarity initiatives are also multiplying as the days pass. Valentino , for example, in association with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion donated half a million euros to support the UNHCR's action in Ukraine , committed to safeguarding human lives and protecting the rights of refugees. The same United Nations organization received a sizeable donation from Kering , Balenciaga's parent company. Similar choice also for Gucci. The Italian fashion house, in fact, through its Chime for Change, a permanent campaign against gender discrimination, has chosen to donate 500 thousand euros to the UNHCR itself. Important figures, which will allow basic necessities to be delivered to Ukraine and neighboring countries, such as blankets, sleeping mats, family tents, winter kits, sleeping bags, water cans, health and hygiene, baby kits and solar-powered lamps.