Luna Rossa e Prada, un matrimonio di successo all’insegna della sostenibilità

Luna Rossa and Prada, a successful marriage in the name of sustainability

The combination between Luna Rossa and Prada tells of the always fertile meeting between the world of fashion and that of sport. The adventure of the Silver Bullet, which began almost 25 years ago, today sees a new surge: the adrenaline of another America's Cup final. Alongside the team of sailors, there is always the famous made in Italy brand, which designed the technical uniforms, with a perfect fusion of elegance, quality and technology.

Italians are once again discovering themselves as a people of passionate sailors . Thanks to Luna Rossa , the made in Italy catamaran that has been sailing the seas of the most important regattas in the world for 25 years . And periodically it makes an entire country dream. Luna Rossa, however, also means Prada , a historical name, which brings to mind all the elegance and style of Italian fashion. A luxury signature, therefore, which is expressed in a collection designed specifically for sailors. Technical clothing capable of perfectly combining aesthetic taste and sporting efficiency .

A 20 year long dream

To many it seemed like a leap back in time, an exciting déjàvu. Last February 21st , in the middle of the Italian night, Luna Rossa won the Prada Cup and the consequent access to the challenge against Emirates Team New Zealand . And the minds of all those who followed the event on TV went back to February 2000 , when the newborn Italian boat challenged the New Zealand giant in the final of the XXX America's Cup . The epic ended in defeat, but Luna Rossa, born only 3 years earlier from an intuition of Paolo Bertelli , carved out a leading place for itself in the international world of sailing. Thus was born the myth of the Silver Bullet , as the tricolor sail was nicknamed. That first exploit was followed by two decades of competitions and experiments, of successes and defeats, in a continuous tension towards the future and towards improvement, as sport teaches.

An avant-garde capsule collection for 2021

In its 25 years of activity , Luna Rossa and its crew have always had Prada at their side, who also designed the technical clothing used during the regattas. On the occasion of the 2021 adventure, the made in Italy high fashion brand, in collaboration with The Woolmark Company , has created a capsule collection based on three pillars: style, efficiency and sustainability. High technology at the service of elegance and sporting performance. The main material used is Merino wool , combined, in the case of the garments most exposed to the waves, with a waterproof membrane resistant to up to 11 columns of water. Equally innovative and high-performance are the shoes, which Prada designed together with Adidas , solid and flexible sneakers . Once again, therefore, the union between sport and high fashion proves to be successful, in every sense.