Come vestirsi per un matrimonio i consigli da uomo

How to dress for a wedding: advice for men

How to dress for a wedding? Quick guide to avoid making a bad impression

Being invited to a wedding is (usually) a pleasure but also an occasion that brings with it many doubts. The key question every man asks himself is: how do I dress? In reality, guessing the right outfit is not difficult, you just need to read the invitation carefully and remember a few simple rules.

When you are invited to a wedding , one of the most difficult things for a man to do is choose the right look . What you always want to avoid, in fact, is falling into two opposite excesses: too much elegance, so much so as to compete with the groom, or too little, so as to seem like someone who just passed by by chance. How do you identify the perfect balance and not disfigure it? In reality, achieving this is much simpler than you think, you just need to follow a few simple basic rules.

Every wedding has its own style

The first thing to do is to carefully read the invitation received , because key information for choosing the guest's dress is hidden there. In particular, we need to focus on three elements: time, location and specific indications from the spouses. A daytime wedding, in fact, leaves much more room for the possibility of choosing casual looks or separate dresses. If, however, it is an afternoon ceremony with an evening party, you will have to opt for more formal solutions. Ditto for luxurious locations , which require formality, as opposed to more rustic ones, which accept a "softer" style. Furthermore, in the invitation the bride and groom could make explicit specific requests for the look , perhaps because they want to give a theme to their most important day. In this case it is mandatory to make an effort to satisfy them.

Tuxedo only if requested

For example, one of the requests that could come from the spouses via the invitation is to wear the "black tie", i.e. the tuxedo . And this is the only case in which it is appropriate to choose to wear this model. In the absence of explicit indication, in fact, the tuxedo should always be avoided, because it is too elegant and more suitable for a gala dinner than a wedding. The risk is to appear more formal and flashy than the groom.

Pay attention to the colors

In addition to the model, you also need to think very carefully about the color chosen. For evening events, it is better to opt for the coordinated jacket and trousers in a solid colour, while separates can be a good solution during the day (but always with solid colours). There are, however, some shades that should be avoided regardless , namely black and white . Especially the second one, which is strictly reserved for the bride!

The jacket cannot be missing

If you can allow yourself some freedom with the colors, one thing is absolutely essential : the jacket . Even the most informal and cheerful wedding imaginable cannot accept guests who walk around in shirt sleeves or perhaps a polo shirt. Obviously, the choice of jacket cut responds to the same needs already seen in terms of color and model, distinguishing on the basis of time and location.

Don't overdo the accessories

Last thing to pay attention to (but not least important) is the choice of accessories , especially tie (or bow tie) and pocket square . In the case of ties and bow ties, the best solution is represented by solid color models, to be combined with the suit to give it an original and fresh touch. Even the handkerchief (clutch) to keep in the pocket is an excellent element to liven up the look with a touch of colour, always without exaggerating.